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We are on the front lines striving for justice within some of the most marginalized populations in the world.

Every day, we try to live out our mission and foster an Islam that leaves no one behind. To us, spiritual support for marginalized Muslims means outreach for incarcerated Muslims, direct support for queer and trans Muslim refugees, programming for detained youth separated from their families, and the everyday programming and gestures that use prophetic example in the daily movement towards justice. 

Fulfilling our mission relies on support from people like you.

There are many ways to get involved in our work. Here's a handful.


Masjid al-Rabia is a one-of-a-kind institution, and most of the work we do is unprecedented. We're the only transgender-led mosque in the Americas. Our Black and Pink Crescent is the only program in the world that provides direct services to incarcerated LGBTQIA+ Muslims. We're currently fundraising to open a community center and become the first women-centered mosque in the western hemisphere to remain open for all five daily prayers. Our community base is dramatically underserved, and we have few resources. In order to keep this work going, we need donations and material support from people like you. Make a donation today. You can make a small sustaining monthly donation to our Patreon page, or visit our donation page here:


Our programming relies on people like you making a commitment to show up, volunteer and help make our programming the best it can be. You can sign up here:

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One of the most powerful catalysts for change is when those of us with power and privilege speak out in support of the marginalized. Do you believe in fostering inclusive, radically accessible spiritual practice? Live it out every day in little actions. Speak out in support of LGBTQIA+ Muslims at your mosque or MSA. Talk about prison abolition with your friends and family members. Those every day little actions can feel like a drop in the well, but a million of those actions becomes a hurricane; a powerful force for change.


Just as we rely on material support and volunteer hours from people like you, we rely on you to spread the word and help the people who need us, find us. Work for an organization that does similar work? Have a cousin who does outreach work? Know an editor at a news joint? There are a million different ways you can help us get our mission out into the world. Contact with details