the masjid al-rabia library


Integral to Masjid al-Rabia's commitment staying true to our pillars of inclusivity is accessibility of knowledge: the ability for anyone and everyone to have access to traditional and critical texts. We recognize how knowledge is often rendered inaccessible by virtue of cost, geographic location, language barriers, as well as physical access barriers. Our library seeks to remove those barriers by providing access to knowledge for free.   

This includes: 

  • Qu'rans translated into over a dozen languages: We believe people should be able to access the Qu'ran in the language most familiar to them. 
  • Feminist interpretation: We believe people should have access to the scholarship committed to rethinking patriarchal interpretations of the Qu'ran, the Sunnah, Islamic law, etc. 
  • LGBTQ Muslim scholarship: We believe LGBTQ Muslims should have access to interpretations and other modes of scholarship that affirm the inherent human dignity of everyone. 
  • Sect-diverse scholarship: Our commitment to sect-diverse scholarship reflects our larger commitment to being a sect-diverse community and believing in the inherent goodness of learning from each other, among each other. 

Want to help? Here's a few ways you can donate:

Donate books! Contact for information on how you can send packages to us through the mail. 

Donate time! We have volunteer opportunity Action Days at least once a month sending out literature, resources and books to our incarcerated siblings. Look up our calendar of events or contact for details. 

Donate money! Critical feminist and minority sect literature is notoriously expensive. The most effective way to help us build our library is by pressing the donate link over here