Pillars of Inclusivity


We aim to build a community that is safe, inclusive and affirming for every Muslim

It is necessary, now more than ever, that all have safe access to the healing and empowering home that lies in the truth of the Qur'an. With the intention of creating a community that is inclusive, affirming and accessible for all, we follow five tenets as our Pillars of Accessibility.

At Masjid al-Rabia, we are and will always commit to be:

  1.  WOMEN CENTERED: We aim to be a radically equal mixed-gender space, and the first step to equality is confronting misogyny and patriarchy in the masjid.
  2.  ANTI-RACIST: We name racism, colorism, and anti-blackness for what they are. We strive for justice in the face of white supremacy and unabashedly assert that BLACK LIVES MATTER
  3.  LGBTQIA+ AFFIRMING: Too often, as queer and trans people, we are denied access to a spiritual life. We believe that everyone - including sexual & gender minorities - has a right to practice faith without fear of violence or excommunication.
  4.  PLURALIST: Our faith is strengthened by learning from different faith traditions. Rather than sweeping away differences in sect, we embrace the plurality of our faith. We are prepared to pray beside - and learn from - any who call themselves Muslim.
  5.  ACCESSIBLE: Accessibility is about more than ramps and handrails. We strive to create a community that is available to all. Physical, economic, geographic, and academic accessibility are at the root of our organization.

Sometimes, we will fall short. Occasionally, we will fail at these principles. But we make a commitment to always be striving, always working to be better for our family. If there is a way we can be doing better to make our community safe, inclusive and affirming for you, please contact us at info@masjidalrabia.org