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Looking for a safe, affirming place to pray in Chicago? Masjid al-Rabia is a woman centered, LGBTQIA+ affirming, pluralist mosque located in the heart of downtown Chicago. Every Friday, Muslims gather for our weekly communal prayers. Our service is mixed-gender, trans-affirming, and community-led. In our commitment to disrupt the top-down hierarchical model of spiritual authority, we entrust leadership from within and dedicate our service to learning from and empowering one another. 

Masjid is typically open from 10:00am to 5:00pm, to provide support, conversation, and volunteer opportunities. The adhan (call to prayer) for jummah is at 1:00pm every week, with the community-led khutbah beginning at 1:15pm. The khutbah is a community-led discussion with the adhan and salat offered by a self-volunteered member each week. 

Located in the middle of the bustling Chicago Loop, our space is only a few minutes away from every one of the CTA train lines, Metra stations and many bus routes. 

Our address is 73 W. Monroe #326. You can enter the building and come straight up to the 3rd floor and find us in the conference room down the hall and to the right.

Want to join? Come lead with us. Contact us for more info. 
73 W. Monroe #326 Chicago, IL 60603

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