Masjid al-Rabia
Prison Outreach Program


Masjid al-Rabia is the only organization in the States that provides direct services to incarcerated LGBTQIA+ Muslims. In our mission to provide resources and support to some of the most marginalized members of the Ummah, we have several different programs one can get involved in:

Library and Supply: Too often, a sibling on the inside can have their property stripped from them for arbitrary reasons. An extension of our free library, we provide Qur'ans, prayer rugs and other important material resources at zero cost to the recipient. This costs a lot of money! You could help us keep up this crucial program by taking a visit to our donate page

Pen Pal Program: The American prison system serves to alienate and isolate prisoners, and many people on the inside have no one looking out for them. It's up to those of us in the "free world" to reach out, do the work and ensure no one is alone in their faith. Our Black and Pink Crescent program connects our incarcerated siblings with "free world" community members creating lasting, meaningful connection. 

Religious Resources and Advocacy: In cases where a sibling is being denied access to practice or materials simply for being who they are, our small dedicated team can step in and advocate on their behalf to ensure every member of our extended community is given equal access without fear of violence or excommunication. We can talk one-on-one with your imam, deliver rulings on fiqh asserting your rights, or work out other creative solutions--however we get it done, we commit to fight for every single member of our community who reaches out for support. 


Questions? Ideas? Interested in volunteering or becoming a pen pal? Contact us here:

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