Programming Archive

In an effort to keep the fulfillment of our mission free and accessible for everyone, we keep a thorough archive documenting our community’s growth and showcasing what it means to entrust leadership from within and make a commitment to learn from one another.

You will find our Community Conversation events first, and below them a link to audio and transcript of every one of our Qur’an Study sessions from December 2018 onward, in which we have been going through every Sura of the Qur’an in chronological order.

We aim to make our work as accessible as possible for all of our community members. All programming available for download is accompanied by a full transcript and/or closed captions. If there is a way we can better serve you or a way we can make the work more accessible, please contact us and we will do whatever we can to ensure you have complete and comprehensive access to the fulfillment of Masjid al-Rabia’s mission.

UPDATE 4/9/19: We are updating the transcripts for all Community Conversation events—inshallah they will be back up very soon.

Community Conversations

From Karbala to Chicago: Ashura and the Social Justice Movement

September 2018

This September we will be discussing Ashura (the memorialization of Imam Husayn and his companions' martyrdom 1,338 years ago), and contextualizing the Mourning of Muharram within the modern justice movement -- if "Every day is Ashura and every land is Karbala", as Imam Jafar al-Sidiq said, what does that mean for movements towards justice today? What can we learn today from the sacrifices made by the House of the Prophet?

Disability and Islam session #1

November 2018

Where lies the intersection between Islam and Disability Justice? How do you deal with ableism in the ummah? What does it mean to be a disabled Muslim?

Care Work and Mental Health for Incarcerated Muslims and their Families

February 2019

A collaborative event with the Believers Bail Out

What does it mean to build community with our siblings who are incarcerated? How can "free world" friends better support community members in prison--and their families? What does holistic community care look like within the realities of overincarceration and unaffordable bail practices?

Safe When I’m With You: Building Safer and Inclusive Faith Spaces

March 2019

What does it mean to create safer spaces when our communities are under attack? How can we foster a community where everyone feels safe and no one is left behind? How do we protect ourselves? When our communities are under attack by state violence and white nationalism, when we're living under the eye of state surveillance, while so many of us are recovering from violence & abuse from within our own spaces--how do we find hope?

How can we uplift one another, together, and imagine something better?

Inclusive Qur’an Study Sessions

Weeks 1-2:
Sura al-Alaq’ and al-Qalam

24 September 2018

Weeks 5-6:
Sura al-Fatihah and al-Masad


Weeks 7-8:
Sura al-Tawkir and Sura al-A’la



Weeks 9-10:
Sura al-Layl and al-Fajr


Weeks 11-12:
Sura al-Duha and Ash-Sharh


Weeks 13-14:
Sura al-Asr and al-Adiyat


Weeks 15, 16 & 17:
Sura al-Takathur and al-Ma’mun


Weeks 18-19:
Sura al-Kafirun and al-Fil


Weeks 20-21:
Sura al-Falaq and an-Nas


Weeks 22-23:
Sura al-Ikhlas and an-Najm


We will continue to update this archive with new recordings and transcripts every month, along with other documents and more accessibility features. Have any questions or want to get involved? Contact us at