Fostering an Islam that
Leaves No One Behind

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All Muslims deserve an environment in which we can practice our faith without fear of exclusion or violence. We don’t believe it is asking too much to be uncompromisingly ourselves - as women, as queer and trans people, as “marginalized Muslims” - and still have a faith community we can come home to.

Masjid al-Rabia is an Islamic community center in Chicago providing inclusive, affirming Muslim community while fostering in an Islam that leaves no one behind.

What does that look like?

Some of the things Masjid al-Rabia provides : 

  • We host jummah prayers every Friday

  • We have a library of Qur'ans and critical Islamic texts free for anyone to borrow

  • We host regular social events for Muslims and allies who want to get involved

  • We educate and advocate on behalf of women, queer & trans people, and other marginalized Muslims.