The Black & Pink Crescent


Too often queer, transgender, and gender nonconforming Muslims are denied any access to support or spiritual care. This is particularly the case with incarcerated queer and trans Muslims. To better provide spiritual support and advocacy for our siblings behind bars, Masjid al-Rabia has partnered with the Queer Detainee Empowerment Project and Black and Pink to form the Black and Pink Crescent

Here's what we do: we are a pen pal project that makes connections between our siblings behind bars and "free world" allies. Send us your name, contact info, and a little bit about yourself and we will connect you with a pen pal. 


Want to be a pen pal? Please complete the form below


Have books? Prefer writing by hand? You can write to us or send new-to-lightly-used books to:

Masjid al-Rabia
PO Box 408325
Chicago, IL 60640


Our goal is liberation. We have a radical view of the fight for justice: We are feminist. We are anti-racist. We want queer liberation. And we are against capitalism. Prisons are part of the system that oppresses and divides us. By building a movement and taking action against this system of violence, we will create the world we dream of.
We also celebrate the beauty of what exists now: Our love for each other. The strength of our planet. Our incredible resiliency. All of the power we have to continue existing. While dreaming and struggling for a better world, we commit to living in the present.
— Black and Pink, Purpose & Analysis